May 12, 2014

Oak Creek Canyon Engagement

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Oak Creek Canyon, near Sedona, AZ for an engagement shoot. Angelica and Brandon had been to this trail in the past together and had asked if it would be possible to do their engagement session there! When they asked me, I was SO excited! I love to explore new areas for photography! What is even better was we got to hike at the same time! I brought my husband along to help out for the day, but to also just enjoy the time together as well. Sunday just happened to be mother’s day, but I was excited for the adventure ahead!

IMG_2819IMG_2853IMG_2873IMG_2881IMG_2894IMG_2925IMG_2934IMG_3005IMG_3013IMG_3025IMG_3045IMG_3054IMG_3074IMG_3099IMG_3137IMG_3158IMG_3169IMG_3196IMG_3207IMG_3228IMG_3236IMG_3249IMG_3275IMG_3308IMG_3330This whole session was so much fun! From the caddy comments my husband was making, to the other hikers chiming in “you’re a tiger!” I can not wait until their wedding adventure in November!



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