January 18, 2017

A Red Dress in the Winter Snow Engagement

This amazing engagement session is definitely one to remember! This red dress, and gorgeous couple, I AM IN LOVE!!! Their proposal is so special too! Read below, and then enjoy the amazing engagement session in the 32 degree weather and 3 feet deep of snow!!!

THE PROPOSAL! – Standford

So I will start with saying Celeste finds out everything!!! Ever since the beginning of our relationship she has found a way to snoop out all of the surprises or things I have planned. Celeste and I decided to look for rings together, so she could get something she would love. Once that process was completed and we had the ring all completed the way we desired, we were given a time frame for the ring to be completed in roughly a months time.

At this point I was debating in my own mind how I would go about asking for her hand, wanting to make it surprising yet beautiful. After much debate the thought came into my mind. There is a place in Sedona AZ, called schnebly’s trail. While vacationing in AZ when I was roughly 16 I told my parents that THIS would be the place I would ask my future wife to marry me.

This is where the fun begins, the company who was making the ring called me back and advise the ring was complete 5 days after it was submitted! The plan is on now! She had no idea the ring was complete so I decided that next weekend I was going to propose in that spot which was decided by me long ago. I invited her to Sedona so we could just make a day trip for some adventure, rented an ATV road up the trail and told her that I would not want to go another day in my life without her. She said yes! And at this point the rest is history.



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