March 6, 2017

Scottsdale Resort Jewish Wedding

I had the absolute privilege of photographing Erica and Josh’s gorgeous wedding at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch! Their day was so beautiful! Below is their amazing story!

How we met- Josh and Erica’s paths crossed briefly at the University of Arizona, but it all really started after college when they reconnected at a wedding in February 2014. Josh was living in Akron, Ohio, working at the JCC and had flown into Phoenix for the week. Erica was living in Phoenix and working at a preschool to save up money before graduate school. Although they were both involved in pre wedding activities throughout the weekend, they didn’t see each other until the cocktail hour right after the ceremony. They caught up on the usual small talk as they stood in line at the bar. Josh asked Erica to dance, and they danced a few times throughout the night. Neither of them thought too much of it because Josh was living across the country and was flying home in the morning. Or so they thought. He contacted Erica the next day explaining that he accidentally booked his flight for the wrong month and was stuck in Phoenix an extra day. Josh calls it the most expensive best mistake he’s ever made. They spent Josh’s extra time in Phoenix together. Over the next 6 months, they stayed in constant contact. Josh came back out to Phoenix to spend a week with Erica that April. By June, Josh moved to Phoenix, and they have been together ever since.


Engagement- It was a Friday and Erica’s last day of class before spring break. Josh’s sister Kelsey and her boyfriend Matt were in town for spring training and were coming over that afternoon so they could all spend time together before they went to dinner. Erica almost skipped her last class that day, but it’s a good thing she didn’t. She got home, and Josh, Kelsey, and Matt were all sitting in the living room watching T.V. Nobody got up to say hello, which Erica thought was weird, but she figured they were tired from a long day of sitting in the sun watching baseball. Josh assumed Erica would go straight back into their bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes like she normally does when she gets home, but of course she didn’t. Not knowing what was going on, she sat down right next to Josh’s left leg where he had a ring box in his shorts pocket. She had no idea. Kelsey thought quickly and asked Erica to grab her some aloe vera from the bedroom for her sunburn. As Erica started to walk back into the bedroom, she heard music playing. Her first thought was “why did Josh leave music on if he is watching T. V. in the other room?” She decided not to say anything. As soon as she got to the bedroom door she realized the music was not on by mistake. The entire bed was covered with pink and red rose petals, and a new dress Josh had picked out for her to wear. There was a note on the dress instructing her to put it on and then read the card underneath. After she put the dress on, she opened the card that told her to go into the living room for one more surprise. When she walked out Josh got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Of course she said yes. Erica thought this was the end of her surprise, and they were both so excited that Josh pulled it off without her finding out. Josh cleverly “made a reservation” at a restaurant that he knew they would have to pass Erica’s parents’ house to get to. He knew she would ask if they could stop by their house on the way. When they got to the house, Erica was surprised to see not only her parents but Josh’s mom and other siblings, her sister, her grandma, her aunt, and her uncles who had all flown in from out of town for a surprise engagement party. It was the best surprise ever, and they were both so happy to be able to spend the evening celebrating with their families.


We love going to sports events, playing with our dog Snoop, trying new restaurants, traveling, hanging out with friends, and having new adventures.  We love to make each other laugh.  Wedding planning has been a great way for us to realize how much our families love and support us.  Everyone has been so involved through our process and so willing to help us, and it has been a great reminder of how lucky we are to each come from families that are so loving. The best advice we have gotten and that I would pass along is that your wedding is for everyone else but your marriage is just for you and your significant other.  Stand up for the details that are important to you but also listen to others when they try to tell you what details are important to them.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, remember why you are doing all of this, and have fun!





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